Looking for a specific art-related diagram posted in a thread recently

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Hello all,

Over the last few days I have been trying to locate a picture that someone posted here on PC. I am pretty positive it was in GD, and thought it was in one of the recent "motivational" threads - either a thread about a TEDx talk, or that one thread about someone not getting replies. However after scouting the recent pages of GD posts I have been unable to locate it.

The picture was a diagram with two vertical arrows, one pointing up and the other pointing down. It showed the relationship between idea and execution : the left side of the diagram illustrated the desirable flow from ideation, to technical execution ; the other side of the diagram was showing the other way around. It was basically a way of saying that poking at random doesn't get one anywhere.

I found it to be very nicely worded and concise and wanted to share it with a few friends. However I did not bookmark it, and now I am not unable to track it back.

Anyone knows what I am talking about ?

Thank you all in advance :)


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