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Guild Wars 2 Foliage

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GarfSnacks polycounter lvl 8
Hey everyone,

So lately I've been trying to work on my organic sculpting and modeling skills and I found a concept piece that I REALLY liked. I found the piece on this pinterest board ( great source for quick little projects )

I decided to go with the top left piece since the shape of the foliage is very dynamic and interesting to me.

I started sculpting the trunk and leaf in Zbrush and quickly brought the leaf into Photoshop to start texturing it.

I combined the AO and Cavity from XNormal with a hand painted color map, and overlayed a tiling plant cell texture to add some of those micro veins.


I'm pleased with the results for the leaf textures but the more I look at the trunk the more I want to redo it or heavily tweak the shape of it. Crits and comments are very welcome!
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