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Bake Matcaps to a Lowpoly! How?

I made a sculpture in ZBrush with Dynamesh and I add one subdiv. After I finished the sculpture I deleted the low subdiv. I painted the sculpt and applied one Matcap. I want to bake a Matcap to a texture and i watched some tutorials ") about that, the problem for me is my sculpture don't have a low poly subdiv level what can I do solve that issue. Can I decimate the original sculpture and make the UV and them bake the information of the highpoly to the lowpoly I can make that but I don't know how.

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  • Bartalon
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    The method I use is to create a low poly and project the Dynamesh details to the subdivided low poly sub tool. From there I UV map the low poly, generate a displacement map, and apply it to a square plane and use the GrabDoc feature under the Texture menu (the document has also been resized to square dimensions).

    There is also the Matcap Baker plugin which I believe performs a similar process as described above but I think you still need to have a UV mapped low poly ready for it to work.
  • electricsauce
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    [ame=" video linkfor the technique Bartalon described
  • cryrid
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    Alternatively you can export the document as a screenshot (highpoly+matcap), and then use Projection Master to apply it back to the Lowpoly.

    It's a far slower process and it certainly doesn't work with every matcap, but I've gotten far better results out of it than the standard methods.

    There are also matcap shaders if you're looking more for the dynamic effect itself.
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