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*latest update

aka! tora! batta! tatoba tatoba! just kidding, its another gigantic progreess , marmoset render :

you can also visit progress gallery here

well here I am starting my new fan art, lets call it guyver project, because it based on comic called Biobooster armor guyver :)

I will use this exercise to learn some new thing like hard surface modeling in zbrush. etc. so bear with me if i made inefficient steps :p


and here the progress :

and slightly different angle
I havent extracted the torso , hand and leg part, thats why it still in soft mode

its not always practical but this will be the main focus of the exercise , mesh extracting and polishing into hard surface

my overal proportion still mostly off , so i hestitant to post it here ...
oh whatever I ll post it anyway :p
as you can see the more i extracted mesh the bigger it became , and it kill some original proportion. but its ok, I ll work on it .

too bad I ll go to vacation in next 3-4 weeks , but i ll continue afterward for sure :)


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