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hmm_rock polycounter lvl 5
Hey guys I'll be heading to GDC (anyone else?) next week and I'd love some feedback on my portfolio.



  • Clark Coots
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    Clark Coots polycounter lvl 7
    portfolio is getting there, here are my thoughts on what I think could be improved

    boat: utilize some overlapping UVs in your texture. the sides of the boat could be the same, the interior side walls could be the same. the top wooden trim could from one side could be mirrored over.

    barrel: you can optimize the polycount on the top and bottom of the barrel. you have an edge running across creating double the amount of triangles and contributing nothing to the shape. Each new vertex you create should effect the silhouette, if it doesn't, get rid of it - the exception is for deformation if you're doing a character or something. The UV's I like to straighten out my cylindrical unwraps. It makes texturing easier when you don't have these subtle archs and it makes it all easier to pack if you have an asset with a lot of cylindrical pieces you're using more of the UV space, even though the unwrap will have a tiny bit of distortion.

    temple: overall the assets and such looks good, its an interesting scene, the lighting and mood i think could be improved. everything has a wash of ambient light/fill light and I think it would be more interesting if those torches were really driving the lighting, the 1st image is getting there, i see the orange light on the walls. boost the intensity and lower your fill lights and you'll create a more dramatic contrasty mood. The material of the statue guy to me is begging to be like dirty gold. Everything in the scene looks very matte as pretty much expected with all stone. A nice cube map for the statue would create another interesting material to us to look at and really make it read like gold.

    you have alot of things inplace that I feel just need to be refined but your portfolio is on the right track, goodluck at GDC! and uhh.. "Rock" on!
  • arcitecht
    I think your site layout is good, as is your work, but the renders are lacking. A little bit of backlighting on the props could help them pop more.

    The Mayan temple looks like a pretty sweet enviro piece, but the values in the comps are kinda flat. I'm not an expert on this, but generally you want to have lighting/values set up in a way that provides some contrast and leads the viewer's eye to a focal point in the shot.
  • S_ource
    It took a long time for me before the large view of the images loaded probably because the original image is like twice as big as of what you can see, and also its png.

    Otherwise i like the actual website part.
  • hmm_rock
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    hmm_rock polycounter lvl 5
    Thanks for the feedback guys. It's much appreciated!

    coots7: I can definitely fix the barrel. I guess I wasn't sure when it's okay to use tris (without the mid line, the the top ends in tris) or when you should work around extra geo. My main concern about the temple is that the scene will become too dark to see. I've tested it on a few different monitors and my phone and they all seem to be borderline very dark, except on my laptop which looks very washed out and light. I wonder if this might have something to do with it. I like the cube map idea!

    arcitecht: I admit I used the default lighting of marmoset, but I'll try setting up some more dynamic custom lighting. I think you're right about composition. I just used the default lighting from my fly-through for the stills and I should have been pushing things. Thanks for pointing this out!

    S_ource: This is definitely the kind of thing I needed to hear! I think right now most of my images are 1500-1700 wide when viewed fully. Is this too large? What is the norm? Also, I had originally used jpg for everything, but the quality difference was absurd. Here's an example, any ideas why or is this just a file type thing?


  • DWalker
    The contrast on the barrel - especially the black lines between the staves - seems excessive. I'd reduce the black to a dark brown.

    The textures are nice, but they feel monochromatic. Something more colorful might round out the portfolio. (Bring me - a shrubbery! Sorry... Monty Python moment...)

    Wall paintings in Aztec temples were typically very colorful.
  • S_ource
    I did printscreen some of the images and it seems like 860px is the average height of the large images when viewed with the "galleryviewer" so maybe have that height on all large images?

    And i did a test and saved out your png as jpg and opened it in Photoshop again and besides some smaller compression i did not see any large difference,. So maybe you did not save it with max quality or maybe the site the you upload the image to compress it more.
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