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Hey! So I've been wanting to do a Reaper from the Mass effect games for a long time now and finally I have made some progress, so I figured I start a proper thread for it now :)

Highpoly is pretty much done, need some tweaks here and there and might add some more micro details but I will mostly do the smaller stuff with nDo.

The lowpoly currently weights in at 42k tris and my goal is to get it down to around 30k which I think is pretty reasonable for a "vehicle" this size, these bad boys stand 1,6 kilometer tall after all so don't want to compromise too much on the shapes ^^

Will probably use 2 separete 2k texture maps for it, one for the legs and one for the body for better resolution. Planning on rendering this inside UDK so I can play with some shaders and if that doesn't work out too well I´ll fallback on marmoset or even Cryengine, it depends :)

Next up is optimizing and UVs.




Low (WIP)




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