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2018 Edit:
Four years.Four years, and over a full year without updates. Updating first post + reformatting some broken links and trying to make it a bit easier to scroll through. I love crit, so all thoughts are appreciated! All I ask is that as this thread is as old as it is, you take note of the timestamp before you crit something. ;)
EDIT: Okay, so this thread is two years old now. I'm adding a Latest Image to this first post so that people don't shy away because of the original art I posted in here, haha.



Starting a sketchbook to kick myself up a habit of sculpting every day instead of only when I need to. I do daily sketches, too, so I'll probably post a lot of those in here. Critique is always awesome if anyone's up to giving some!

This is just a sketch I've been working on in an on-and-off manner over the last two days (between getting the flu and weening myself off GTA5).

Those are my first renders from Zbrush, too, so apologies for them being kinda washed out. I've only used my Sculpts for normal maps previously, a different process indeed.

And speaking of previous works, I'll throw some other stuff down here.


This guy originally had plumage and wings, but I could never perfect the feathers, so I never finished him... Oh well. Maybe I'll redo him sometime, he has blaring mistakes in the rig and model in any case.

These are some thumbs for the same project, which I think I'll recycle for another sculpt some time, as I'm quite fond of them.

And most recently, I had to do some art for some music videos, and box art for the vocal library (anyone heard of VOCALOID/UTAU?), so here's them.
And the finished art! I only noticed after coloring that his feet ended up being both inward turning, oops.

A little weird sharing my (decidedly unprofessional) cover and "video" works here, but the other pictures were more frames for other assets and look kind of odd on their own (but it seems a waste to not share them?).

And finally, today's sketch. Might slap some value painting on it later and neaten it up.

That's it for now. Thanks for checking the thread out!


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