Loose ends and forgotten promises. A wip thread.

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hey all,

soo, like some other people I've got too many unfinished stuff on my hard drive and its bothering me really))) so I've decided to create this wip thread and finish them one by one. Maybe not all of them, but this is definitely long term, so bear with me :poly124:

I'll start with something recently abandoned. Earlier this year I've finished this concept piece and it was supposed to be commercial, but didn't happen. So now I'm just doing it for myself. Perhaps I'm gonna put it on 3DOcean to sell later. Not sure yet.


This is my current geometry, basically its rather sophisticated blockout. Tricount is irrelevant atm, there is much to be done with optimisation and modeling.



What I wonder though, is there something I can improve? Maybe its too busy or something doesn't fit other parts? Color scheme? Anything else?

Anyway, feel free to post any comments and suggestions, its all appreciated :)


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