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Hey guys,

After watching Feng Zhu's reboot exercise of 'Flashback' on Design Cinema I wanted to try some myself starting with a couple of so many old school gems; Chrono Trigger and Pokemon Red/Blue. I'll try to add more games to these as an ongoing project and of course all feedback is welcomed :) Thanks guys!

Chrono Trigger - End Of Time


Chrono Trigger - Campfire Scene


These Pokemon ones were a little quicker but still almost 2 hours each so I need to work on that!

Pokemon - Ash Vs. Charizard


Pokemon - Gary Vs. Venusaur


In retrospect these were really just redesigning the art direction but I think I'll try to work on the actual 'designs' of the next image as well as the tone of it.


  • Stockwell
    These are sweet! I love the Pokemon ones and as far as they go, and as far as your last comment goes, you've nailed the Charizard scene, well done. I like to see a lot of variation in next gen pokemon concepts personally, and that whole scene is awesome, composition, color pallet, character design, great work! I loved the Venasaur one as well, as far as it's design, besides it being huge (still epic), it's basically just that of the original. Great painting still, but I'd encourage some more artistic development of the monster.

    Awesome stuff, I don't post on concept work all that much but these were great!

  • gavinli
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    Thanks Alex! I totally agree with the creature designs, there wasn't enough thought behind those so I'll definitely put more attention to those in the next redesign(s).
  • valuemeal
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    That's a nice interpretation the brink of time you've got there, I thinki adding a bit of haze in the foreground would really keep it true to it's roots thought you know?

    Also perhaps add some rage in the eyes of your venusaur, he looks a tad too nonchalant at the moment. Unless that's what you were going for.
  • gavinli
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    gavinli polycounter lvl 3
    Ahh yeah that'll be really good to add in. Now that you mention it I can see how it's somewhat lacking in mood and you're spot on with the Venasaur eyes, he seems a bit stale at the moment when I was going for a more dynamic pose. Thanks for the feedback!
  • skateaz
    Wow these are amazing and I love your style. The Pokemon ones make the scene much more epic. Please do more! Especially Chrono Trigger!
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