Sketchbook: Huffer

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huffer greentooth
 I'm a graphic designer who recently quit his graphic designing job (for unrelated reasons) and is now trying to get in the industry. I'm trying to come up with a solid portofolio in exactly two weeks, after which applying to local developers here.

At my last job I did mainly graphic design work, posters, catalogues, packaging along with a deal of light product design projects.

I have been messing around with 3dsmax, other software and workflows for years but I always did exercises and never finished anything, so I hope posting updates somewhere will help me focus.

Piece number 1:

Is a low poly (1500 tris) diorama of arctic animals and a dashing flamingo, with hand painted textures. I might go over these again after finishing the next piece, which is:


A futuristic riot gear cop. I'll follow the usual workflow, high poly in 3dsmax and sculpting cloth in Zbrush, bake normal, texture, rig (if I have the time). I'll also do an enviroment for this character, and that will be piece number 3.

To fruitful updates!


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