HandPainted Fantasy Female Character - Huntress (Might be a big heavy on images)

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Latest update ====

Hey :)

It's been a while since the last time I did something just for myself, for fun and practice, so here we go. I'm not sure how much time I spent on this one but it's been definitely a while since I started it :)

My personal goal :
- Create a deadly sexy female fantasy character.
- Practice modeling females characters and get better at it because I suck at it.
- Improve hand painting skills and material definitions.
- Practice character design, composition and storytelling.
- Don't think too much about the tricount or the texture resolution just for once.
- Have fun !

Overall, I think I made good progress, especially considering my last female character which was quite a fail. I spent a looott of time on the nude female model first, trying to get the proportions right. The face gave me headaches but I did the best I could. Anyway, I think the proportions are okay but I'm sure there's a few things off. Hopefully you guys can give me critics ;)

As for the painting, I tried a new painting method this time, which is painting everything black and white first, focusing on values, and get the color done at the end. I must say I felt very uncomfortable putting the black & white texture to color but in the end it was a fun experiment and I learned quite a bit from that also.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned so far even if, once again, at the end it's quite disappointing to see that there's such a huge gap between something somewhat okay and something close to the woaa. And I don't think I'm close to the wooaa stage at all haha ;(

Anyway, again hopefully u guys can give me advices on how to improve this character !

Poses are still temporary, I intend to make a beauty shot with a pedestal. Whole model is sitting around 20k triangles and texture is one 4K diffuse only for everything.

Here's the model with flat colors :

C&Cs welcome !


  • BradMyers82
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    Looks cool man, and I think it shows that you spend some time on the nude female honestly. Overall her proportions look pretty good to me, but her head seems too small actually. The hips look a little too low also and the ribs a bit too low also. It might be that her torso in general could have been scaled vertically a little.
    I agree that the face probably is the weakest part atm. But its certainly not terrible or anything, and I’m sure you learned a lot! In that first image she looks really good from the first angle and last angle where you can’t see her face as much. The hair in the back, the backpack, the back of the jeans, and the sword all look really awesome. I also think you did a really good job painting the metal, although it looks a little weird on the curved weapon. I think there could be more color variation in the skin, make the eyes not so white, and I’m guessing that’s a tattoo on her arm? It looks way to fresh, it should probably be on a layer with opacity set to like 60 percent or something. That fur bit just doesn’t read well to me and the overall design of it doesn’t look so hot imo. I think she looks better in that first stance also, vs. the walking pose.

    But anyway, I know this must have been a ton of work and I think you did a good job overall. Congrats on finishing it!
  • Roxxor
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    I think having armor, but not wearing shoes is strange. Maybe some sandals would make it more realistic if you don't want to lose the feet. Otherwise, some kind of leather boots.
    There is a lot of high level (noisy) detail all over the weapons. It makes them appear messy. You should have less detailed areas for the eye to rest on. I would recommend the blade portion of both the hand held weapons. They look incredibly dirty, and I'm not exactly sure how a cutting weapons gets dents and chips on the flat side of the blade.
    I agree with BradMyers82 that the head is too small in comparison to the body, but the anatomy feels pretty good overall.
    She has a lot of weapons, have you thought about how she carries them, or where she ties them when she is climbing, running, eating etc? Right now you have 3 weapons with only 2 sides to carry them on, since the back is taken by the backpack. EDIT: I missed the bolts. Edited that out. Whoopsie!
    Great progress. Hope those comments help.
  • Cremuss
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    Cremuss polycounter lvl 8

    Thanks for your critics, and big sorry for the delay. Some work came up so I had to put this thread away for a few weeks :(...
    Anyway, as I said in my first post, I was really disappointed with this model, so, with your critics in mind, I decided to go back on the model and design, and change a couple things. Hopefully I can improve this girl :)

    BradMyers82 > Thanks. I checked again some references and anatomy, and torso seems okay to me. It might look weird 'cause of the jean (too high ?)... Well I don't know. Otherwise I agree with you :)

    Roxxor > I understand bare feets can look strange but I already saw the design working before (like Bogdanbl4's D3 barbarian female). Plus I think bare feets are cute :D But I guess I kinda failed at making it believable so I decided to go for some fur boots instead. I understand there's some design issues with this character like you mentionned (weapons carrying and all) but I did not intend her to carry everything at once. I thought making two "scenes" with a different pedestal for each would be fun, like one scene where she's a close melee warrior type, the other a ranger warrior with the crossbow. Well, you get the idea... Anyway I probably should have sketched some design on paper first to get a solid idea of the design instead of just modeling things as ideas where coming to my head... Lesson learned.

    The messy looking texture are a HUGE problem I have with everything I do. I can't seem to understand how to properly adjust the quantity of details on certain part of the texture to rest the eye.. But I'm trying hard and I think I'm getting better at it lately... Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

    More pics to come but first I want to focus on the head. Here's my last revision.

    I think it's definitely an improvement but I can definitly still see some issues :
    - no temple
    - hair on the back is weird, like it's all wet ^^

    Otherwise, critics appreciated !!

  • theDEAD

    Looks cool, i really like the hand painted detail. Its not like that cartoony hand painted style, it almost has that touch of realism too it. I like both styles to be honest, but this is nice.

    I agree with others though - the head does seem a bit small. I'm sure you're much better at anatomy than I am... but from first glance this character almost seems like a lesbo? Not that there's anything wrong with that - I'm just wondering if that's what you were going for?

    My general idea of a feminine female is smaller torso, slightly larger hips for that classic hour glass, curvy shape. Whereas this figure seems slightly large in the torso, compared to the hips(?)

    Again, just my amateur speculation... perhaps this is exactly what you were going for, and in that case, it looks great. I really really like your textures and modeling! :)
  • jordanpascal
    Really nice man hand painting work! Something I find hard about hand painted textures is conveying what material objects are made out of but you're doing a really good job with your crossbow, sword and bag. Keep it up :)
  • silkroadgame
    How cool this female character is!
    I think most of things are very good so far,you just need to do more details.
  • Cremuss
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    Cremuss polycounter lvl 8
    Thanks for the critics and comments, I appreciate it. I'll post an update as soon as I can

    theDEAD > Yeah she totally does like a male haha. But I think the face was probably the most weakest part and the shoulders were way to wide and big. And yes the face was too small, clearly :D But I think she looks better now, at least more female :) Update to come
  • Cremuss
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    Cremuss polycounter lvl 8

    I'm still alive :D So happy with the improvement, thanks to you guys. Still in work in progress stage, there's a few things that I want to improve like the hair and little details to tweak and add but overall I think it's done. I'm still not sure about the head size.. too small again ?

    Next step is updating the rig/skinning to the new mesh, make a pose and a little pedestal :)

    C&C welcome !
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