2d concept to 3d model work, including rig and animation.

Hi, my name is Mark Reynolds. My contact email is [email protected]. I'm skilled in Blender, 3dsMax (though I no longer have access to a license), Sculptris and Zbrush, Photoshop, Unity, Flash and Audacity. Besides this I have basic computer programming skills and can do work in JS and C#. Thank you for your interest, here's an example of some of my work.





^ Low-poly for a recent Ios and Android game I've been working on. Comes in at 900 tris, 513 faces and one 1024^2 texture. It's rigged and has one animation of it being hit. I've since changed the model to a much more readable one but I still like this one because I thought the texture turned out good.


More work available on request.
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