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aajohnny polycounter lvl 7

I don't typically post threads like these but I am just starting to look for full-time work and I was hoping to get some suggestions and feedback from my fellow Polycounters.

What I am asking for

  • What type of content should I both add and/or remove if necessary?
  • What are my weakest and strongest points?
  • What kind of setting am I missing? what would be appealing?
  • What do and don't you like?
Just a few things.

Let's start by posting my portfolio! :)

Thanks for looking and I look forward to feedback!


  • tynew
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    tynew polycounter lvl 4
    What type of content should I both add and/or remove if necessary?

    -You have an about me section on the front page, and then you have a separate about me section on another page. The front page is all about the artwork! So I'd say the front page about me section isn't really needed. I also think you should have a separate page for tutorials. Client's or studios are not exactly interested on making art they'd rather have you do it for them, they just want to see your artwork. So I think if another artist wandered onto your site having another page for tutorials wouldn't hurt :)

    -Your images are png! They take foreeeeeever to load. jpegs are half the size and load much faster, having clickable jpegs to bring up the high res would be nice :)

    -Why no website url on your images?

    -You barely have any breakdowns. Where are the wires, tri counts, the texture sheets? All of this needs to be seen mate!

    - Maybe change your about me page title to resume, and have that about me paragraph on the top of the resume page in a smaller font. Also you need to have a readable resume on that page! Some people don't bother downloading resumes, so shove it in their face when they load that page.

    -I had trouble downloading your resume. I couldn't open it in google docs :/ also make it a one click download?

    - Contact details go on your resume page, yet again not accessible and in the face!

    What are my weakest and strongest points?
    I don't think anything is weak, your strong point is definitely your artwork! It looks great.

    What do and don't you like?
    - I like the page colors, good choice, easy on the eyes. It's looks good on my 24 inch monitor, I even checked it out on my phone and I love how your automated home page banner works on that too.

    -I don't like the "leave your reply/comment" sections on the bottom of each page. It just doesn't sit well for me and makes it feel like a blog to me. You also have this on your contact page, people would generally rather use their own email system to contact someone.
  • Hayden Zammit
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    Hayden Zammit polycounter lvl 9
    Hey John.

    I don't like it that I have to scroll down to see the links to the art. Just have the one About me section.

    A lot of the stuff Tynew said, I agree with. I don't like the Leave a Reply section at all.

    I think it would be good to be as consistent as you can with the breakdowns. Make them for all your artwork.

    I don't like the Foundry. I think its the weakest of your work. I really love the props. They look awesome, but the actual beauty shots of the environment don't appeal to me.

    I'd maybe go and make the footer in all your images consistent.

    Other than that, it looks pretty good.
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