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Hi PolyCount,

For my University dissertation I am looking at two options for my research subject. My current aim for when I leave is to be an environment/ asset artist so I'm going with a subject that I can benefit me in this area.

1. My first idea for research is looking into Physical Based Shaders and material as they seem to be quite a hot topic at the moment and could be a big deal for next Gen. I would like to do a paper on the analysis, creation and use of PBS. We have been advised to make the paper as new and unique as possible while still drawing on existing info. As far as I can tell there is no indepth detailed breakdown explaining to others how they are created with examples of use so I think this would be a pretty safe and unique research paper. This would give me an excuse for creating an environment for my folio. However In my search I've only come across vague info on what you can do with it and while I understand some of it I haven't been able to find any info on the creation for me to analyse, replicate and experiment with. I'm not asking for my dissertation to be served to me on a plater but can anyone share some information or explain to me what physical based shaders are or link me to some useful information to get me started Id much appreciate it.

2. My other idea for a dissertation is a more of a curiosity but I don't think its unique enough as im sure there are publications already so im looking for a way to take it further. I want to compare the use of lighting in engines in particular dynamic lighting as used by cry engine and lightmass as used by unreal. Having already played a lot with lightmass and understanding what goes into it and how its made I haven't touched on cry engine yet so this would be a good excuse to do so. I have come across debates on which one is better so a paper on this looking in depth on each comparing would be a good paper. Again, good excuse for an environment and a chance to look into cry engine. I can expand on this by looking at the further of each engines lighting especially with UE4 round the corner but unfortunately there is hardly any info out there to bounce off of. Any info or links would be appreciated.

Let us know what you think of these ideas. Any input, info, advice or suggests is greatly appreciated. I am open to other subject suggestions too, if you know of any new technology or practices I'll be happy to hear from you.


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