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Hey everyone,

I've been considering taking a sabbatical for personal improvement in my art-related endeavors. I haven't really had an opportunity like this before so I'm hoping some of the Polycounters here could give me some insights.

I would certainly be adhering to a structured schedule during my time off in order to maintain consistency; however, I'm not sure whether I should dedicate an entire day to one study, or cut each day up into "blocks" where I spend X hours on one thing, then switch gears and move onto another.

Overall I would be getting about the same hours out of each study per week, so it really just comes down to how it's planned out. Does anyone have any pros and cons for one method of studying compared to another, or does it just come down to my learning style/work preferences?

Thanks in advance! :)


  • Dudestein
    I always like to stress the quality of study over the quantity. To that end, I would evaluate the amount of time you will have, and come up with a project or projects that address specific weaknesses in your current abilities. Be slow and methodical in your study and execution. Your goal is to learn and to create a small number of well executed study pieces.
  • Bartalon
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    Bartalon polycounter lvl 7
    I should have at least 6 days per week set aside for personal improvement which will range from working on portfolio pieces, expanding my software skill set, experimenting with emerging techniques/technologies, and practicing weak areas such as daily hand-painting and material studies. I expect to take my time on portfolio stuff, but as for painting, since most of my beginning stuff is likely to be junk, it would probably benefit me more to start a new painting every day and see how far I can take it in quality and completeness that day.
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