Sturmgeschütz 3


Here are some work in progress renders of my high poly Sturmgeshutz 3. Its still work in progress and included are some test renders of the high poly.

Next stages for this based on feedback already received are to:

Loosen edges on the bulk of the vehicle
Add additional detail to the barrel
sort a track intersection with the mudguards (only noticed after rendering)

Let me know what you all think, any additional feedback is appreciated!




  • woot
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    woot polycounter lvl 5
    that back plate looks pretty blank, not much detail there.

    may also want some ledges loosened on the turret, they look pretty tight.

    other than that its a good job, well done.
  • Paul Pepera
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    Paul Pepera polycounter lvl 9
    Overall it is good work. But it starts to breakdown when you get to the details. Here is a comparision of just one area, the wheels/tracks:


    Your rear wheel is off from its real life counterpart. It almost seems like you non uniformly scaled it out. The road wheels are also inaccurate in your model - try to model out the rubber and metal components as separate pieces. The road wheels also do not have flat faces - they bevel in a bit. It seems like your tracks are too narrow, there should be a few inches of clearance from their outer most point and the road wheels. The way the tracks land on the top idlers in your model also seems unnatural. Have them uniformly sitting/sagging on the idlers.

    The same applies to all the other parts of the model. Pay special attention to such details as they will mean the difference between a good Stug model and a memorable Stug model.
  • Shrike
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    Shrike polycounter lvl 6
    This is a highpoly right ? Many of your edges are way to sharp, I thought it was a lowpoly at first. Btw its Sturmgeschütz, with a C.
    Also your tracks look very high from bottom wheel to top wheel, making the whole thing look out of proportion. Id really put the bottom rims more on top.
    Like the green light, looking special
  • theonebutcher
    Thanks for the replies,


    I am going to compare this area to reference again and see if there are any details that I can work into it as it is very blank.

    Pretty embarrassing that I got the name of the vehicle wrong, thanks for pointing that out. I have updated my renders with the correct spelling now I think! I cant change the name of the thread however, can an Admin help me out with getting that changed? Thanks for the crits, I intend to try and address loosening some of the edges later this evening. Ill post up some changes when im done.

    @Paul Pepera

    Thanks for the crits really useful, im going to spend some more time comparing the components more closely with reference and making changes as I find them. Really like your work on your site, really inspirational!

    Going forward, changes im intending on making are:

    Loosen the edges on multiple areas of the model
    Add more detail to barrel assembly
    gather additional reference and compare components for inaccuracy and make changes.
    Try and get the name of this thread changed :)

    Any more feedback appreciated!
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