Student portfolio Critique

Hello Polycounters
I'm now in the scary process of applying for internship and want to now if my portfloio is up to the test. I appreciate any critique on Layout, models, textures, presentation everything:)

So here it is


  • cholden
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    cholden polycounter lvl 13
    I like the content, keep it coming.

    Put the Contact info in the resume so it's only one page

    Neutral color background. The white versus the darker scenes is an eye-gouging contrast
  • kanga
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    kanga polycounter lvl 11
    Stunning work!
    Love the atmospheres and there is a lot of care and flare in the single props.
  • LMP
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    LMP polycounter
    cholden wrote: »
    Neutral color background. The white versus the darker scenes is an eye-gouging contrast

    This. I like the content.
  • Logithx
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    Logithx polycounter lvl 5
    I'd move the props all the way to the bottom, let your best work shine at the top so that's what people see first. Those environment pieces are nice and should be the first thing people see. It wouldn't hurt to make the shots on the home page a bit wider and taller, I have a 24" monitor and they fill less than half my screen (width only).
  • DWalker
    The menu bar looks very narrow - I'd expect the line to be at least as wide as the images below. There's also a lot of empty space between the text and the line. I'm not sure I agree with centering the name rather than left or even right-justifying it, but that's probably just a matter of personal taste.

    I'd have to agree that the order seems somewhat arbitrary - is it chronological? In general, you want to go from best to worst, and that's usually from newest to oldest as well. In your case, however, you have a combination of scenes as well as props, and you should probably group the props & scenes together.

    In the corridor scene, the graffiti tag looks like a solid decal applied over the tile. The black is too dark, the decal overall is too opaque, and the shape of the underlying tiles is lost. The paint over the grout should be thinner overall, as not as much paint would be applied to the slightly protected area.

    On the combat knife, the long, vertical scratches - especially the one at the mid point of the blade - seem out of place. If they are from sharpening, then I'd expect them to be more consistent along the blade, and shorter as well. You might also consider moving some of this detail from the diffuse to the specular map. If the nicks are deep enough, the should also appear on the normal map.

    You should probably have someone proofread your text. As an example, instead of "The programs I used was" it should be "The programs I used were". While you're an artist rather than a writer, grammatical errors do make a negative impression and are easy enough to fix.

    I don't think I'd emphasize the 'work in progress' nature of the house. If it's good enough to be included, there's no reason to indicate that; if it's not good enough, then just leave it off until it is.

    On your resume page, I'd reduce the vertical spacing, notably the double spacing in your contact information and the skills. The bullets for the skills should also align beneath the "S" in "Skills" - at the moment they are shifted to the right. I'm not clear about your education; did you receive a degree from Stockholm University? Is Playgroundsquad a place of formal education? (Perhaps a link to it would help.) Also, it's more typical to use "2012 - present" rather than "2012 - ongoing". You also have some more grammatical errors here; again, try to get a friend to help proof-read the text.
  • Deathstick
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    Deathstick polycounter lvl 4
    I'm pretty sure the program is "dDo" not "dDo2" by the way. There's only a 2 for nDo2. Small error but it'll look more professional to make sure everything is spelt correctly.
  • Dudestein
    Website is clean and professional looking. Work is well done and well presented. The force is strong with this one! I mean I could nitpick, but I think the comments above cover it pretty well. Overall, nice work. Keep it coming :)
  • brandoom
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    brandoom polycounter lvl 8
    Work looks good. Only crit I have is to use/link to larger images. Its hard to see any detail with such small pictures.

    Good luck with applying :)
  • Envart
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    Envart polycounter lvl 6
    Pretty nice folio. Would be nice to have more a breakdown of the scene tho. Right now it's just a single image, not showing the models and textures that compose the scene is a missed trick, I feel.
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