[UDK] Rundown corridor scene

Hey everyone, just posting a scene I've created for my portfolio and wanted to see what people think and get some crits and comments:) This is an old school project that I've been tweaking for some time now on my spare time.


some breakdown shots:)



  • JustGarry
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    JustGarry polycounter lvl 4
    This looks really cool,

    I particularly like the lighting coming from the right, and I also like the general tone of the place, as well as the composition.

    One crit I have is the graffiti looks a little disjointed from the environment, it looks a little too neat, and almost looks like it floating away from the wall, instead of on it. Personally I would soften the edges, and break up the shape of it a little.
  • TheMeekon
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    TheMeekon polycounter lvl 4
    Still needs some work. The tiles are very neat and new looking, the grafitti like said above, the lighting could be more striking like using the over head fluorescent lights. The rubbish on the floor looks very harsh and at first looks like artifacts. Also the colour palette is pretty bland as it stands.

    Don't get me wrong it's good but needs some tweaking! Keep at it.
  • Endfinity Jon
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    Endfinity Jon polycounter lvl 5
    Hello there! I like what you've got so far, nice modular usage too.

    I think the mood is pretty cool too, but I think you can push it more. Right now, your bounce is filling the space pretty evenly when I feel like it should gradient more from floor to ceiling and bounce less from the impact point so that the right wall is a little darker than your left wall. I did a pretty quick paint-over to illustrate some things you could try.

    I darkened the foreground a bit as well as some foreground DOF so that your eye can't help but go straight down the hall. I bounced a little more warms from the impact point and brought some cools into the shadows (see wall right/ceiling). I think you should remove the light above the first door because there's too many light sources that are being used in succession and it's making that final room feel less important. I added some light shafts with dust spilling in and finally I added some color to the back room to really bring home the creepy mood. I like the warm yet dangerous feeling natural light balanced against the man-made red light source in the background. I wouldn't want to be caught in this place for sure.

    If you had to concentrate on something, I'd work with your bounces and light falloff. Gradients will really help this piece feel more rich and dynamic. Get a light to dark gradient at your window light impact point going toward the ceiling. Get a gradient from that same impact point to the right wall. Finally, darken the foreground to a lighter mid-ground/background.

    Not a great paint-over, but I hope you get the idea. I was a bit heavy with the purple.


    You might could also try shifting your directional light so that the light coming in and the shadows are angled a bit more, facing the player, making it feel like everything is going against him. I think that touch of diagonal cutting shadows will add to the uneasy feeling.

    Anyways, keep at it, it's looking pretty cool so far.

  • Chriagr
    Thanks for all the feedback! JustGarry, TheMeekon I'll definitely fix the grafitti.
    And Yes the tiles looks a bit too clean:)

    @Endfinity Jon, Great feedback, thanks a lot, you have a lot of great thoughts. especially about removing the first light above the door. And the gradient on the right wall is a great tip:) but I have a question about the purple bounce light. Since this is an indoor scene there will not be a lot of lighting from the sky outside, so the only indirect light in this scene will bounce off from the wall, and wouldn't it be almost the same color as the light from the windows ( or maybe a slight blue color eminating from the sky)
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