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[UDK] Yet another post apoc scene...

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Hey everyone!
Man, I haven't posted any personal work here for god knows how long, feels good to do it again! :D
So, this is my first UDK scene, I've been meant to try this engine out for years (ever since the UT2k3 days) and now I finally had the will and time to do it, this engine if fucking awesome!

This scene started as a brain fart, following Snefer's DVD on eat3d, but I kept working on it for a few more weeks. I'm already planning my next scene, will keep ya all posted, can't wait!

Oh, and tomorrow I'll post some breakups and some WIP screenshots I have laying around.


[UDK] Post Apoc scene - cam 1 by HelderP, on Flickr

[UDK] Post Apoc scene - cam 2 by HelderP, on Flickr

[UDK] Post Apoc scene - cam 3 by HelderP, on Flickr

Link to the breakdown, I hope you don't mind that I link it to my blog, too lazy to re-post all the pics and text here, lol.



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