PAID WORK: US National Guardsmen

Hello everyone!

BG on myself, the team, and the project:
My name is Matt Kazan, I go by Maxx, or Maxx0rz. I currently work full time at Ubisoft Toronto (with Polycount's very own Adam Bromell). I am also the project manager and team lead for a Source Engine game called No More Room in Hell. We started as an HL2 mod and we are now a full standalone game with Valve's support.

Our game's situation is unique. We are now a standalone game going live on Steam (one of the first ten games to be Greenlit last year) and have Valve's full support but our game is 100% free with absolutely no income model. We have also won various awards since our first release on Halloween 2011:

- ModDB: Multiplayer Mod of the Year Editor's Choice 2011, 2nd runner up Player's Choice 2011, 2nd runner up Player's Choice 2012
- PC Gamer US: 2011 Mod of the Year
- GameFront: 2012 Mod of the Year, Player's Choice
- Maximum PC Magazine: 2012 Best Zombie Games (with DayZ and WarZ)
- Nearly 1,000,000 downloads even before our official Steam release
- By helping us, you will be having your artwork showcased front and center as a primary new addition to an award-winning, “second party” game for Steam and the Source Engine


The task that we have for anyone who may be interested is the creation of a Source Engine compatible character (Valve Biped based) of soldiers for the United States National Guard, which are NPC's in our game in a similar manner to the grunts from Half-Life or the Combine troops from HL2.

Our current art:
It sucks. It doesn't fit the rig properly, it is unoptimized, it doesn't deform nicely, and it's just generally below standards. Though, it does convey what we need fairly well.

Crye Precision Airframe –
Advanced Combat Helmet -

Improved Outer Tactical Vest -

Revision Desert Locust -

Knee –
Elbow –

Pants -
Tunic -

Blackhawk Warrior Wear Desert Ops -,113/product_name/Blackhawk+Warrior+Wear+Desert+Ops+Boots+-+Sage+Green

Condor Tactical -
Leg Holster:
Blackhawk Special Operations Thigh Rig -,152/product_name/Blackhawk+Special+Operations+Thigh+Rig+Holster

Condor 3-day assault pack -

- We would like Mutlicam and ACU versions of the pants/tunic and of the helmets, and Multicam and sage versions of things like the IOTV, pouches, backpack, etc.
- The model needs to have patches on the Left and Right arms where a swappable Alpha texture of rank insignia for Private, SSG, and 2LT
- The Revision Desert Locust goggles should be up on the helmet, not down on the face
- It would be ideal to have a couple different configurations of the equipment/bodies (for variance)
- Character should be set up and built along the Valve Biped used in games like Counter Strike or Day of Defeat
- It would be incredible if the face was also set up for basic facial animation

- Face(s) should be 1024x1024 (to be scaled to 512x512), and body/gear should be 2048x2048 (to be scaled to 1024x1024)
- Normal maps required, specular maps are Greyscale only
- Polycount for a fully-fitted National Guardsman should not exceed 9,000 triangles at LOD0
- Firearms are NOT needed, as they are already completed and in-game

As for payment, the entire project is FREE and NO ONE on the team is being paid for their work (not even me) – but this work is desperately needed and we’ve been trying to get it made for 3 years and no one has ever successfully completed it. Value of payment will be discussed between you and I directly, and will be based on production schedule and your examples of quality and previous work.

I look forward to hearing from some of you, I hope!


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