Matinee/kismet camera switching and character following path

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I just watched a Video on youtube

I need to have multiple cameras in my scene that r all switching after another. (They are not flying through the level - security cam style).
How would u guys tackle this one I'm still a beginner in kismet and matinee so I don't know how to start this.
Additionally I need to let our characters follow a specific path throughout the level.

At the end this needs to be a trailer. Just like the matinee sequences in the epic citadel level.

Any help appreciated :) :thumbup:


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    You are probably going to want to make a matinee -- it is UDK's internal animation tool. You can set up keyframes on a camera, director groups, etc... much easier than using kismet to hand script this stuff. --> has a fantastic series on matinee cutscenes. Sounds like what you are looking for, but its 20 bucks for a month's subscription. (best 20 bucks you will ever spend) --> has some rockin' tutorials floating around as well as a DVD on matinee and cutscenes.

    [ame=" Multiple Camera Matinee Sequence - YouTube[/ame] --> I didn't watch all of these, but they seem to go over what you are looking for. It's a 7 part tutorial :D
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