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VG Remix - Normandy Beach Landings Wind Waker

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RedRogueXIII polycounter lvl 11
Not happy with how it turned out, but I ran out of time; I started late and had to finish early, so it's good for what it is I guess.
Texture Breakdown (100% res):
Should've given the boat and tank double their current texture size, they are just way too pixelated when scaled with the rest of the scene elements.
Lack of vibrant colour, was going to do explosion effects with those iconic swirls, but again just ran out of time.
Some grass on small cliff shelfs around the tower would've helped I think as well.
And getting proper rigging for the characters to I could've posed them more dynamically.

Ah well live and learn, it was a fun experience!
I got a lot of assets now, enough to get the ball rolling on a game perhaps?

Normandy Beach Landings ( as fictionalized by Saving Private Ryan/Medal of Honor/Call of Duty ) using The Legend of Zelda : The Wind Waker art style.

A bit late of a start, but got a fair amount of modelling done today. Most of the time will probably be spent texturing, posing and creating additional special fx and details.

Large US Ranger (524 tris) :
Will do small and medium body types as well. Will reuse the bases for Wehrmacht soldiers.

Couldn't resist doing low poly small arms :
Each is under 130 tris.

And a M4 Sherman and LCVP Higgins Boat :


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