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VG Remix - Game and Watch Marios Cement Factory

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Anthricus polycounter lvl 5
I'm going to be making my diorama around an old Game and watch i found. I have deconstructed it and started modelling an exploded view of it. Instead of using the flat screen overlay from within the game and making 2d characters im converting the interior items into 3d too give more depth too the diorama.

Ive opened up my old game and watch too understand the interiors and use them as reference for better modelling and texturing.

Start Game and Watch:

Deconstructed images below :

Front Faceplate:

Back of Front faceplate: ( Includes buttons in correct holes)
Back Faceplate:


Interior Printed Circuit Board:

Heres my current progress of modelling it but im not really sure where to aim the polycount for this as the environment is the actual games console so i suppose it should be allowed a fair bit of polygon count ( few thousand all together)
The interior environment has been adapted and i hope to get it all textured soon.

any comments and crits are helpful guys :D


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