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VG Remix - Borderlands 2

Hey Polycount!!!

This contest is really cool and there's been some awesome progress images so far!

Now, after re-reading the technical rules and such AFTER doing my model i realise that i went overboard with the tri limit... but considering the 'Hero' character is pretty damn big i want to upload it on here to see if its acceptable!

I'm doing the Warrior + Zer0 from Borderlands 2 in the Warrior's Vault level.

Comments/Feedback is greatly appreciated!!!

PS: the tri count is 1806... 1306 over the 'Hero' tri count limit...

New Update!:


Tri count for the warrior is down below 500! HURRAY!
Undecided whether i'll do Zer0 or not... I just posed him, but its not in this update.


Hey guys i was wondering if other people have been having the same problem with opacity...
I've seen lots of people use opacity in their scenes but i cant seem to get it to work... i'm using a seperate opacity image, but the diffuse also has a alpha channel... would that be the cause?

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