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VG Remix - The Last of Us

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haZe greentooth

Minor mid-game spoilers for The Last of Us ahead...

Hey everyone! I want to focus on telling a story, hopefully setting up a triptych of different gameplay scenarios, time permitting.


My main focus will be on completing the top-most scene in the blockout COLOR="Plum"]purple[/COLOR, getting that to the point of polish that will hopefully dictate the fidelity and finish of the lower levels COLOR="Wheat"]yellow[/COLOR] and [COLOR="YellowGreen"]green[/COLOR. Elements from each scene will leak into the other, both structural [supports] and natural [foliage]. I want it to look as minimally chunky as possible while maintaining the feel of each environment.

I also think it's important that there is something of interest from every angle in which the scene is viewed. As the viewer rotates the model, their eye should be drawn towards the other levels. The overall composition will likely change [especially how the levels line up], but ideally the following will be depicted:

Scene 1 -- Joel and Ellie hide from a clicker on the other side of a doorway in an abandoned apartment.
Scene 2 -- Joel hurls a molotov cocktail towards oncoming runners/bandits in a ruined and overgrown building/shop.
Scene 3 -- Joel ferries Ellie across a flooded subway.

A lot of the set dressing still needs to be established, but those main ideas will drive each level. I really want to nail the mood, so I foresee the main challenge being how to lead the eye around without any direct lighting. So much handpainting in my near-future. :poly142:

My plan is to finish Joel first, then Ellie. More to come.


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