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VG Remix - Faster Than Light

Hi guys, long time lurker & finally coming out & having a go!

I'm going to do FTL - I think because the style of the game is fairly basic when it comes to character & ship layouts & consoles, etc - that this gives me a lot of lee way to have some fun in creating some cool details. Here's some quick sketches;


I'm using reference but have decided to squash the ship up for the purpose of creating an almost chibi like theme. With exaggerated proportions on both props & characters, I'm confident I can create a nice scene. Any input though is welcome & encouraged!


  • FlashL
    quick block-out of the previous ship concept, I followed actual reference a lot closer. I intend to cut out a section so the inside of the ship is viewable.


    Tomorrow I will start on the enemy rebel flag ship, & possibly get onto some character concepts - plan on having a total of 4 characters operating this stealth cruiser.
  • Spacey
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    Spacey polycounter lvl 14
    Hah, really like this idea. I tend to think of low poly models like toys so being able to open up the ship and play around with the "toys" inside excites me like you wouldn't believe. Why didn't I think of this!
  • csg
    Yeah, I'm jealous I didn't think of this. I wanna see this thing turn out cool!
  • FlashL
    Thanks guys!

    This morning I've been working on a weapon for the stealth cruiser - anyone familiar with FTL may recall the Glaive Beam, one of the most powerful weapons within the game. I could have gone crazy with this! I tried to stay as close to reference as possible, whilst retaining the cool look. I heavily simplified the fixture assembly (the part where it will attach to the ship)


    Later today I will work on the enemy flagship, & at work tonight I will start some character concept sketches. Any input & criticism welcome & encouraged!
  • FlashL
    I reviewed my time line, & decided to change my approach to the scene - I feel having the Flag Ship will take away from the central piece of the scene due to its incredible size! So today I decided to start tackling the interior of the ship. As a main asset, the entire ship is still well under 500 tris. Further interior detail (consoles, cut-out walls) will be stand alone assets.

  • FlashL
    some quick character concepts drawn up this morning~ Today I will be modelling a drone / drones.


    Here's my style sheet I have been using~

  • needs glue
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    needs glue polycounter lvl 8
    Great way to tackle FTL, the cross section frozen battle I think will have a really nice feel when presented in sketch fab.
  • FlashL

    Here is what I worked on today after character concepts. I'm so busy that I can only work in short stints, but I am dedicated to getting this finished. Several of these guys will be attacking the ship~

  • FlashL
    A bit late on todays progress as I had a long day of work, & then bowling league.

    I started modelling interior assets - the wire conduits are a modular asset which I can repeat around the scene if I wish, same with the piping coming from the engine.


    I also did a really quick paint over so I have a direction for the interior walls & other rooms. The walls will be cut out, not sure if I will model the doors or just door frames. The layout differs from in game, but I feel this is still appropriately representing the game.


    As always, any critique is welcome & encouraged!
  • FlashL
    Hi all you lurkers, I've finished my assets, & I'm now onto character modelling. I'm a very busy man, but I should have these complete & be well into UV's & texturing over the weekend!


    Crits both harsh & soft are always welcome.
  • FlashL
    Hi guys, today I started modelling characters.. well the human at least. I can re-use this model if I need any more humans around the ship.


    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    As for the slug & mantis, I decided to expand on my concept a little more. After looking at reference & spending more than 5 minutes sketching, I came to settle with these little guys;


    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    Here's the human model.

  • FlashL
    Today I was at my internship, then had night shift at work. I managed to model the slug crew member over the lunch period ( :

    Tomorrow I will model the mantis, & start texturing everything! I'm just ahead of schedule at the moment, & should get well ahead tomorrow evening.

    [Edit] Updated sketchfab can be found below!
  • GxD11
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    GxD11 polycounter lvl 7
    Its looking pretty good, cant wait to see more. Really liking how the characters are coming out cant wait to see the mantis. :)
  • Spacey
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    Spacey polycounter lvl 14
    If you do end up ahead of schedule and have the time I hope you revisit the slug character. The sketch looks sooo cool, but the model fell short and lacks all that character you had in the sketch. Even if you have to knock out some quick orthographic sketches to maintain the proportions (I find myself needing to do this all the time), whatever needs to be done to get all that goodness into the model!
  • FlashL
    Thanks guys!

    I agree Spacey, after sleeping on the subject & waking up with fresh eyes, I can see I've lost quite a lot of character with the slug. ugh! I've revisited, starting with getting proportions right (the arms were way too fat in the original mesh, the same with the feelers) & trying to match the over all silhouette to the concept. I feel my issue here was that I rushed my work.

    Here's a comparison - I can further improve on this I think, but I'm heading in the right direction.


    Crits always welcome! I won't improve otherwise.

    This morning, I have modelled & posed the mantis. This time, I took my time & tried to nail the silhouette. I feel I did a better job with this mesh, but other people may see inconsistencies that I'm missing, so please let me know!
  • Polychin
    nice work on the crew, cant wait to see it all with textures ^_^
  • Afrodiet
    Knowing your texture skills you wont be having any problems, good luck though!
  • FlashL
    First texture complete! Plenty more to go.

  • FlashL
    Mantis almost complete - need to sort out some texil density issues. This is a first pass texture for this little guy. Any advice welcome![SKETCHFAB]1186b30fbf3a427bbb24753f7f7664b7[/SKETCHFAB]
  • FlashL
    Hi all, I have finished texturing the outside of the ship, inside is still first pass as I need to refit all my assets inside ( :

    256 x 512 diffuse

  • FlashL
    Hi all.

    brought my ship texture down to 128 & fixed some density issues. & started the interior. Been so busy the last few days, I've fallen a little behind!

  • Daniel Duy
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    Daniel Duy polycounter lvl 5
    cool concept. Go for it. It's will be great when you finish. for sure ;)
  • FlashL
    Hi guys,

    I'm rushing to finish this - I've had such a busy week & have barely found time to do work! I will finish, but it's going to lack the polish it needs. This is my scene so far:


    Need to texture the drones & do a few extra things like shields & fire / smoke coming from the engine room. This has been fun!
  • FlashL
    Completed, & submitted. Thanks to the few people who gave some input, it was greatly appreciated. I wish I had more time to do this over the last 3 weeks, I feel I'm delivering short of my goal but with that said, it is also my first solo environment? project I have taken through to completion.
    Things that I need to improve on include more efficient UV's, tiling (it was possible to complete most of the ship via a 64 by 64 tile, & uniquely map the after burners, but due to some weird topology, the result was not fantastic)

    Every project sees improvement in one aspect or another, so continue I must!
  • St4lis
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    St4lis polycounter lvl 7
    That extreme high contrast and frequency texture on the floor mekes the scene very noisy. You migh wnat to think about such things next time around. Other than that, the assets look awesome, but the general impression really gets damaged by that noisy floor.
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