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VG Remix - Comic God of War


SO after 3 weeks I have an end product for my first Polycount competition :D




Awesome comp idea, so i thought i'd combine two things that are awesome, comics & God of War.

I'll be depicting the scene from the second game where Kratos lays the hurt on the Barbarian King. Ref below:


And my rough blockout/where i'm up too so far:


My spin to this particular scene is to have the BK's head on that big branch of the willow tree, with Kratos about to make it part of the tree :poly124:

I'll add other basic trees coming up out of the swamp, have the stone platform cracked and smashed, and flesh out the willow tree to make it overhang the scene more. And of course, add the BK.

I'm looking forward to the challenge of adding the 'comic art style' to the texture; the whole shadows on/off type thing to mimic the art style. Think 60's batman:



  • snake_drew
    Worked hard yesterday on my Kratos. Really tried to push the edge flow, looking at the LP TF2 characters & the previous LP Kratos posted on polycount a few years ago gave me some good direction to go.


    Still not sold on his hands, i've got some bad topo on his skirt that i'll need to fix, and add some planes for his ears in. I've started the BK but i'll come back to his issues straight after, just need to take a break from him for now. I think ill pose him how i want, then fix/tweak what i need to. It's only for a still after all.
    Any C's & C's welcome :thumbup:
  • snake_drew
    Update; here is the BK.


    Came in slightly under-budget so I've got a few polys to play with if anyone has any suggestions.

    Onto the Barbarian Hammer now :poly142:
  • snake_drew
    Updated environment of where i'm up too:


    Next on the list is to tear up that center platform & model the surrounding trees :)
  • snake_drew


    Kratos and the Barbarian hammer has textures on them. They'll both be tweaked and revisited to get rid of the subtle shadows & highlights to add the harsh shadows you see in the comic books.
    The platform has a terrible texture on it, ignore it, i'll be coming back to him :thumbup:
  • snake_drew
    BK texture:


    Next thing to do is to pose him and see how the textures look after that. I don't like the obvious texture mirroring on his chest (the burns), but with the pose he'll be in, chest down, the mirroring won't annoy me :poly124:

    Thoughts so far on what i can improve?
  • snake_drew
    Here is the BK posed in the scene:


    Need to tweak here and there to fix texture stretching, and revisit the hands, not happy with how they are, suggestions welcome :)

    Time to tackle the great willow tree.
  • Daniel Duy
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    Daniel Duy polycounter lvl 5
    Wow, it's really hard to go for realistic style God of war but you did it. Some more detail on Kratos's face to show his emotion will make him more impressive. Good luck :)
  • snake_drew
    Daniel Duy wrote: »
    Wow, it's really hard to go for realistic style God of war but you did it. Some more detail on Kratos's face to show his emotion will make him more impressive. Good luck :)

    Yeah couldn't agree with you more there, I'll definitely tweak that before my submission :poly124:
  • snake_drew
    Updated sketchfab scene:


    I added a basic skybox, the swamp texture is in and i fixed the UV's for the platform to make my life easier. Tweaks and a couple things that require attention in the next couple of hours before I'm have happy with it.

    Someone suggested Kratos' pose looked unnatural for the swing he's about to take, thoughts? I'm not sure yet, i think i've looked at it for too long..

    Also, this:

  • snake_drew
    Here's a sketchfab of the mean man himself, as before, any suggestions on his pose is most welcome :poly142:

  • snake_drew
    Updated my first post to show my final sketchfab & beauty.

    Final tri counts came in at:
    Kratos - 498
    Barbarian King - 482
    Willow Tree - 421
    Platform - 466
    Barbarian Hammer - 100
    Little Tree - 89 total (65 trunk, 9 & 15 on branches)
  • mitchcamrob
    congrats on finishing man
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