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Rpg 7

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MrOneTwo polycounter lvl 12
I spent some time making this rpg 7. I want to use it as a portfolio piece. Any idea how can I improve it ? Textures aren't final. Presentation isn't final. I want to finish it soon and jump to something new though. I need some fresh view. I can't judge it anymore : )

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  • joeriv
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    joeriv polycounter lvl 7
    it would be a lot easier to judge by removing the wood background, and making the gun somewhat bigger/do some closer shots.
    now it takes up like 1/5th of the image

    that being said, it's hard to know how wip that part is but:
    if the gun itself is that worn I'd wear out the wood a bit, now it's kind of bland.
    either maybe do it bare as here:

    or do the typical gloss cloating that got worn/chipped/etc
  • s6
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    s6 polycounter lvl 10
    I agree with Joeriv. For the final portfolio shot, I'd lose the BG and add tris count, texture sizes, software used, Etc. And larger. Of course :)

    I would include a FP view as well. At the end of the day, That's what the piece is for. it has to look good in First person.

    I also agree that the wood needs a lot of love. That's what makes these weapons a blast to do! Going balls out on the wood.

    Right now the specular highlight going across the model is fairly uniform from surface to surface so i would work on getting some separation in the gloss values for them. Even if it's inaccurate to your ref, i would make the projectile itself more matte and rough feeling. Would be a nice rhythm from back to front: Glossy metal/Beat matte wood/gloss metal/matte missile.

    Not to mention, Those scratches you have on there would looks GREAT contrasting with a rougher surface. They'd reveal the nice glossy base metal below.

    The grips atm seem a bit too glossy as well. From ref I've seen, They are a bit rougher than you have hear.

    The spec could also use a fair bit of contrast. The "Exhaust" tube at the very end (sorry for lack of term ^^) is very very dull. Looks like there's only a brushed metal pass and a few scratches. You can see in this pic that even though the metal is fairly basic/plain, It still has spots of light and dark, and has a base pattern to it. I typically just add that kind of patter right over my base color on low opacity overlay/soft light. So its not much in the diff, Then bump up the contrast and opacity in the spec so those lights and darks pop when there illuminated.


    Don't have a ref for the missile, But I'd add some base pattern to it as well. even if its subtle. Or even oil marks, stains, Etc. Something to break up the surface.

    Looking good so far though! I look forward to the progress. Make sure when you go to do the final portfolio set up, you also have wire frames, maybe a normal shot if you feel it will reflect well on you. Flats maybe.

    Keep up the good work!
  • MrOneTwo
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    MrOneTwo polycounter lvl 12

    Will continue working on this one. Texturing is really ungrateful part ;p
  • MrOneTwo
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    MrOneTwo polycounter lvl 12
    Texturing is though....



    I don't know if I can squeeze much more considering my texturing skills... ;p
  • PatJS
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    PatJS polycounter lvl 9
    Hey dude, the model is nice, but you gotta push that texture further!

    The first thing I would do is (on the bottom image) see if you can extend that highlight you have going down the front of the tube to the rear. The lighting is getting seriously flat back there. This is especially the case on the rear view (top image). This will help the forms read better, and will also make your materials pop more. See if you can also get a nice rimlight, like you've got going on in the top image.

    Once your lighting is nice, it'll be easier to do the material edits. The scratches are cool, but the metal base itself is pretty bland. See if you can't get some more surface variation in there. I like to do it in the gloss for metal, and in the spec for non-metallic surfaces like wood or bakelite. See if you can get some color variation in the metal, too. It's pretty much one color. You could add some broad patches of warm colors around the metal bands, for instance. This will help pop the forms, and keep it from being too monochrome. I know the real thing can appear a bit boring in images, but I think you should try to push this to feel more real than reality.

    Also, one thing I like about RPG rockets is that although they can be bluer greens like you've used, they often have this distinctive pukey-green color, which has a very distinct military feel. You oughta see how that looks on this guy! I think it will pop more than the dull green you've got now. Check this out: rpg-7_3_of_9.jpg

    That image is from here: http://www.primeportal.net/armory/roman_stepanov/rpg-7/

    EDIT: Also, check out the pimp paint flakes on the black rocket!
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