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VG Remix - Need for Speed: Most Wanted

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Draygo00 polycounter lvl 9
OK, the second i saw this comp i wanted in, so I have gone with one of my 3 all time favorite games franchises - Need for Speed (the other 2 are WoW, and MK) - the reason I went for this and not either of the other 2 is because I figured not many people would be going for a racer and I love modelling cars :D

I decided to go for a split diorama, containing the 2 best aspects of the franchise, the Police chases and the customization, so on one side we have a pursuit featuring the goal car of the game, the BMW M3 and soon to be added police Corvette C6's (replacing the 2 M3s that are currently in mid air) - and on the other side a representation of the customization shop, that will include 2 cars from my own NFS:MW Garage, my stealth drifter pursuit supra and the other tbd.

EDIT: Final sketchfab scene and beauty shot/texture breakdown:

so with out further ado I present my block out:


the BMW M3 GTR and Toyota Supra were modeled today, both with exactly 500 Tris each (*i get a little ocd with low poly....)


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