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VG Remix - General Chaos

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It took me a while to decide on a game for this. I tried to think of my fondest moments from gaming to boil down to a diorama-suitable scene, and had actually chosen two other games before finally settling on this glorious masterpiece of 1994 nostalgia. Its style and sense of humor should be great for a project like this.

If you've never played/heard of it, it was for the Sega Genesis. Two teams of cartoony soldiers fight to kill the opposing team using flamethrowers/rocket launchers/etc...It was an RTS but played more like a modern day MOBA, and had the charm of TF2 before there was even the original TF mod.

The best moment in the game, hands down, is when two opposing soldiers engage in a fist fight, pausing the entire war until they're finished. So that's the moment I'll go for in the diorama. I'd also like to have someone drowning in the completely opaque water and just other random fun stuff in general.



Never done low poly. Never rigged a character. This should be fun.


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