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VG Remix - Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee

I want to recreate something from Munch's Oddysee because its a franchise I've loved forever and they made it all sparkly and HD six months ago.
I might try and make it quite bright, simple and kiddy style.

More to come in a few days, gonna have a bash playthrough to jog my memory of it all!


  • PacoCasares
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    PacoCasares polycounter lvl 4
    I thought of doing either the first 2 games! Looking forward to this!
  • Heeezil
    Ok, so I've spent today gathering reference screenshots and here's the bit I've decided to recreate, probably with Abe and Munch modelled in there too. This is Zap Henge in SpooceShrub Forest just before the Big Well!

    Start modelling tomorrow, can't wait to get stuck into this xD I know its not massively complicated but I think I can do it some justice.

  • Heeezil
    Starting to block in the main pieces of the diorama, getting as much in roughly so I can refine it all together!

    About 2k polys at the moment.

  • Heeezil
    More fleshing out models with basic reference colour materials, also testing Sketchfab. I'm thinking of expanding my level slightly to include the big gate further out.

  • Heeezil
    Another little update just finishing off base models for all the main environment pieces. Tomorrow I'll get on with modelling Munch himself!

    I've noticed how sketchfab is a little bit temperamental and has placed part of the sign (seen on the floor) clipping into the side of the cliff but it isn't like this in my scene?
  • Heeezil
    Munch is such an awkward shape, but here he is at 503 polys!

    He's untextured with just a flat colour maya lambert and I'm getting some weird normal issues... Modelling Abe tomorrow.
  • haZe
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    haZe greentooth
    Hey Heeezil -- This is coming along! If you could turn shading off and your wireframes on in Sketchfab's settings we could get a better idea of how your models are shaping up.
  • Heeezil
    Ah good point, I've updated that post now! Munch's model is pretty much the final model but the environment bits are gonna change topo still so I'll show wireframes on them as it happens...

    I changed his leg a bit more, this reference looks like his thigh is kind up in his side more not going in the bottom of the body so much.
  • Heeezil
    And here's Abe! I'm still having problems with copied and flipped normal directions... I flipped them so they looked right in Maya but Sketchfab decides it wants to forever punish me for my errors.

    Going to get back to the environment tomorrow, adjust some of the pieces and probably redo the terrain alltogether before texturing things!
  • Heeezil
    So everything's UV'd and now I'm starting to get some draft textures down. I've painted nearly half of the maps at 128 as a lot of my models share space, will tweak them a little more when I've done the rest.
  • Heeezil
    All the environment textures have their first textures on, however when I apply one of my opacity maps in Sketchfab it does that weird thing with all the terrain as if the normals are flipped and its backface culling. I then flipped the normals to fix it but then it all displayed black and horrible in Sketchfab. Any ideas?

    Just gotta fix this and get the characters sorted!
  • Heeezil
    So things are pretty much there now except I am having trouble with my opacity. Any objects that use opacity I have in their own groups in Maya as well as their own material set up but when I apply the opacity map in Sketchfab it is still broken. I've tried flipping normal faces too. There are no extra materials in Sketchfab, only one for each texture map so I'm a little confused how to fix it from here. Any suggestions, below I will post without opacity and then the broken version with it applied:
  • Vailias
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    Vailias polycounter lvl 14
    Did you check to ensure the non-transparent material isn't pulling in the texture to its transparency slot in sketchfab?
    Also when you say separate groups for objects, they are actually separate objects in the scene file yes?
  • Heeezil
    Yes, the polys that I want to have opacity mapped are separate objects which I have grouped together away from everything else.

    In Maya I set up a separate material for these too, using a copy of a diffuse used on other objects and applying the opacity to the copy - when I import everything to Sketchfab there's just the one material with the diffuse.

    I've now made a copy of the diffuse but renamed it for the objects with opacity and that seems to have fixed it! Now to stick in some trees xD

    I quite like the pixelly look without the bilinear filter
  • Heeezil
    Ok so just after some crit now really, pretty much got everything down that I planned to. Not sure how to set the scene for some nice lighting as everything seems very washed out without shading but some parts are really black with it (as seen previously).
  • Vailias
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    Vailias polycounter lvl 14
    oh.. yeah separate material names are needed.
    Ran into that myself early on.
  • Heeezil
    Heh thanks, just about muddled through in the end!

    Here's the final piece :D
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