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Community Favorite: Time to vote!

Hey everyone,

The judges' votes are in and the winners of the Voynich Manuscript contest will be announced tomorrow!

But before that, you guys a chance to support your favorites by voting over Facebook and Twitter. Here's how it works: You'll find all the submitted entries listed out below and all you'll have to do is either:

- Post a tweet that includes: "I'm voting for [contestant name]'s entry for the @Mixamo contest." (Feel free to add to it but make sure to include "@mixamo" so that your vote is found and registered.)


- Post on Facebook and also mention: ""I'm voting for [contestant name]'s entry for the @Mixamo contest." (Again you can add more to it and comment on the entry or contest as much as you'd like but make sure to type @mixamo so that it tags us and notifies us of your vote.)

That's it! Feel free to recruit other artists and encourage them to make their choices too if they'd like but watch out: Voting ends tomorrow Thursday July 18 at 11:59:59 am PST, so don't forget to vote!

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