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Kazperstan greentooth
So I am now actually working with a few other people on this, but I will be mainly using this thread just for my own parts on the project (Assets and the Cabin) as the other guys start posting I'll drop their links here to :)


My apologies in advance if you thought this was going to be about glorious seafarer's mustaches :D

But yes, I recently took a trip to the Cutty Sark in London after being inspired by a couple of friends on piratey type things. Really recommend a visit if you are in the london area, It's pretty damn cool and also near the National Maritime Museum.

Anyway, I'm going to be making a series of instruments that the Captain used to navigate and generally do his-her thing aboard ship, much like these:


And the first one I've made a start on is the Chronometer Clock:

Some Highs rendered in Keyshot:


And Lows with Norm+AO+Wires

Still got a little bake errors to fix.

As usual any feedback/crits most welcome as they help a bunch :D


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