[UDK] The Arcus. A mercenary airship.

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Klash-120 polycounter lvl 5
Finally got around to make'n a thread for this.
Dug up my old airship from school and now updating it to game awesomeness. Original target was Cryengine. Ran into some snafu with the license server & rage converted to UDK D: Will attempt to make sense of it & 'functional'


Initial paint overs of rooms I want.

Blocking out.

Deck shot. (Man those bolts are huge :I)

Was about here where I decided to pull back the scope of this project. Will be focusing on a single room, and eventually the whole ship ;p I've also started to rage convert things to UDK.




Over this weekend (7/8/2013) Decided that this will be the chef's room.
Am slowly rearranging assets & propping accordingly. The chef's room will be full of cook books & table full of new recipes & plants.

And now screenshots are up to date. Any / all crits welcomed. Still a lot to do & figure out :D



  • harricool
    this is coming out crazy cool.....chef must be a pleasant guy...watering the plants everyday.....
  • EvilPixills
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    EvilPixills polygon
    Dat wood grain. :D

    Looking good man. Sorry to hear about the Cryengine mishap. Looking forward to see this scene progress.
  • Shrike
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    Shrike polycounter lvl 6
    Love the ship design from the first image, really nice

    The interior looks really fake tho. You need to step up your texturing. Get some proper edge highlights and wear and more detail. Color variation. Also nearly all your objecs are really low poly with sharp edges, and very blocky in form. Also reminds me a lot on 70s furniture design. Its really modern for a ship. Try getting 1-2 top meshes with normals in the focal point which can carry the ones you are not willing to put up a lot of work in id suggest
  • Bevvill120
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    Bevvill120 polycounter lvl 4
    Totally forget I can write comments here. Not like I don't see this everyday.

    I can say that this room is way to wholesome for your Dr. Whiley styled chef doodle. haha. Might need to dial down the crazy there. Or dial up the crazy in the room.
  • zombieminteractive
    Really nice, I agree with the interior looking kinda fake tho.
    Maybe some lighting changes , and most likely this was planned to be done in the future but emitters for dripping water maybe?
  • Roxxor
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    Roxxor polycounter lvl 7
    Single person room yet has a bunk bed? Seems weird. Also not a fan of the cow skull. Perhaps a more exotic animal. They wouldn't have a bookcase on a boat (due to shifting with waves), that's why you always see chests or lockers at the foot of the bed. The weight is usually enough to keep it down.
    Just some thoughts as I looked at this. I really dig your airship design in grey blockout. I am looking forward to see how you texture it.
  • Klash-120
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    Klash-120 polycounter lvl 5
    All valid points & crits. Scene is still in it's early stages & wipiness. Just got the blockout & layout first. So a lot of geo will be replaced ;p

    Good point with things (books) shifting around. Will be thinking of ways to 'ground' them better. Maybe a bunch of rops or something. We'll see...

    As for the bunk bed. Thi sroom will also be accompanied with the chef's pet / helper animal buddy ;p Which is a sloth. lal.

    I'm also recruiting Bevvill for her sculpting/character skills~
    Which her comments would make sense now in some context...

    I should upload my crappy doodles of the chef / sloth now that I think about it...
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