Sci-fi fighter (T5 Falcon-M) (WIP)

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supaclueless polycounter lvl 7
Been busy due to college and its been ages since i last posted. Now that summer has finally rolled over, decided to do something that makes me practice both HP-modelling, silhouette, shape, texturing, etc.

My current progress of my WIP, crits and opinions on its current shape, size, and form will be fully appreciated as I wish to take this piece as seriously as possible (NO MORE half-arsed jobs :P). Hopefully by the end of this piece I will have something that looks decent.

Concept Art: (all rights reserved towards the artist Karanak: (thx Xaaran!) )

WIP shots: (took abit of liberty in certain spots due to concept not showing certain spots and have yet to fully flesh out the back as of yet, HIGHLY wip)


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