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dDo and Windows 8?

polycounter lvl 12
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fattkid polycounter lvl 12
Hey folks,

I'm on windows 8, using/learning dDo for the last few days and I seem to be having a lot more issues/problems than my coworkder who is using Windows 7.

I'm sure part of the problem is user error, but I'm trying to narrow down the source of my problems.

So yeah, is dDo working well for Windows 8 users out there?


  • sargentcrunch
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    sargentcrunch polycounter lvl 10
    Two days ago it crashed on me as I was finishing my texture, I was using the trial version with Photoshop CS6 on Windows 8 64 bit, I am not sure why it crashed though.
  • joeriv
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    joeriv polycounter lvl 7
    dDo on W8 here, don't have problems with it, runs very well.

    And maybe this is a small issue you are maybe also having?
    But if it auto-reloads textures after tweaks sometimes it "forgets" to add the height.

    Just once I had a really vague error that PS gave me wich caused me not being able to preview details (it just kind of broke, even for new projects/after reinstall), but that's been fixed since the last update.
  • fattkid
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    fattkid polycounter lvl 12
    Well, that makes me feel better. Thanks.
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