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Canon AE-1

Wazzup guys,

I recently finished a new prop. A Canon AE-1 wiht a 1k Texture. Have a look at it. :)



  • Mr. Brightside
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    Mr. Brightside polycounter lvl 8
    Compared to the larger cylinder on the front you seem to have a lot of tris/edges on the smaller knobs and buttons on the top and sides. Shouldn't they have less compared to the front one because of their size? :L
  • DWalker
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    I'd have to agree with having different number of sides for cylinders of varying sizes. The lens could use more sides; it appears quite blocky in the images. Also, there is a dark spot at each corner of the lens - perhaps the texture needs to extend beyond the UVs.

    The red dot on the side of the lens should be a smooth half-dome.

    The material overall is rather dull. The body of an older camera like this should be a brushed metal, while the lens is a black-painted metal. The lens really needs to be reflective.
  • Greenmutze
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    hmm i own a canon ae-1 and it has a plastic lens and the metal is not brushed ;)
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