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Now that I've left my latest project(s) behind me, I've given myself the freedom of exploration, and not the kind that my Norwegian friends do during their weekends.

I've been having this vehicle designs in my sketchbook for a month or two, so it's nice to finally put it into action. I'll be aiming this for the summer, so I can continue with my environment work afterwards.

So the goal here is working on foundation of design to an extent and trust my gut instincts on "coolness" before function,. I've been looking at different packages, such as race cars (forumla), squids, different sci-fi vehicles designs (fore most Scott Robertson's style), to see what I can do with the forms and design language.

I'll be looking forward getting feedback from you guys while I make this journey.

So the first thing I did was some thumbnail/rough sketches (on the train to work!,sorry for the white on black high contrast).


And now I've started the rough shape blockouts. Since I'm not very good at drawing I noticed that some of my shapes doesn't transfer well to 3D, hence why I thought to explore the shapes and their validity with this type of 3D roughing.

Roughing 1


Roughing 2


Roughing 2 continued


It's not all that much yet, and I'm not very convinced about having the secondary engines attached like that. I'll give it another day or two before going into more refined blockout, that'll ill start making high poly parts from. Hopefully this will be flexible enough to remake some thing without to much of a hassle.

To be continued!


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