Team Fortress 2: 1850 Edition - PART DEUX: THE RECKONINGING

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Some of you may recall this thread from a couple of years ago where I and some other enterprising Polycounters tried to make versions of the TF2 characters that would fit in the 1850s.

In the time since, I've received a couple dozen requests for the models and textures since I'd made mention of releasing them to the public. One catastrophic hard drive failure later and I thought they were lost forever. But no more! After digging through some random files I had hosted online, I stumbled across the models and textures for all four of the characters I'd made.

And now I'm releasing them free for everybody!

Here's a RAR containing the models and textures for each of the 1850s Team Fortress 2 characters I made.

Do what you like with 'em. Rig them and animate them. Put them into the game. Use them in your indie projects. Completely remodel them and make 'em better.

Here are pictures of three of the four models contained in the RAR.





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