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Massive Concept Inpiration folder

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So these past few years I have been collecting some really awesome concept art and I decided to finally share it with everyone. This started out as a simple concept gathering to get an idea or two for my next environment and then it eventually turned into a massive "project" of going through every single digital art site I could come across and gather the most inspirational pieces from every page. I frequently checked updates to these sites, most came from these sites : CGHub, Artstation, DrawCrowd,Deviant Art, CG Society, Tumblr, FYCA, Digital-art-gallery, etc.

I plan on updating this thread with versions that contain more concepts that I come across.

UPDATE 12/10/2015

- A little over 18,100 concepts (Environments, Props, Weapons, Vehicles, and Mechs)

Main Download

I really hope everyone enjoys this as much as I do. I give all the credit to the artists that created such inspiration!

I am sorry for any duplicate images there may be, I tried to remove as many as I could find, I possibly missed some. Hard to keep track of which concepts I gathered!


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