[UDK/CRY] Real-Time Architectural Visualization (fancy name for Environment Art)

Hi guys and gals,

Just wanted to share some work I did recently. It's pretty much environment art, except it was done for the architecture field, meaning the overall style had to be different.. and maybe less exciting.

The first project was done in CryEngine3 and was build according to client specs. It had to have a custom menu, cameras which you could watch, walk mode (collision everywhere), and decent vegetation. Most of the vegetation is cry assets (deadlines, lol). The rest of the project was custom made (3d, mats, textures); with the exception for few cry assets here and there maybe. My now-ex-colleagues did part of the modeling, I did the rest and the cry part..




Video: [ame=" Time Architectural Visualization in CryEngine 3 - YouTube[/ame]

The second project was a tech demo I did fro my previous employer. It was an interior scene in UDK. Again, build to certain specs and had to resemble a Vray render. I.e. the GI (lightmass) was, like, totally pimped, though it's still not quite there. Some of the 3d modelling was done by my colleagues; I've done some of it and the UDK. Really wanted to get that Mirror's Edge look.. my boss didn't quite like the ME style though.



Vid: [ame=" time architectural visualization in Unreal Engine 3 / UDK - YouTube[/ame]

Hope you like!


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