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GO TIME. Current team is Bev (Bevill120,, and myself, Francisco Cruz III (klash-120,

Unsure which idea was who's/ based off / collaborated /blah blah as our initial group consisted of five and back in March. David Brumbley, Madison Parker, and Josh Markham. All of which went their separate ways. Only now (05/07/13 and after my crunch) I've decided to actually jump on this.

An except Josh wrote up:

JM: "Hero has stolen an ancient artifact, awakening a slumbering evil. The undead attack and attempt to drag the hero to their hell; s/he instead chooses an escape by casting him/her self off a cliff to a far more peaceful passing".

My awesome 03/04/13:

Bev's initial doodle 03/05/13:

Bev's polish 03/05/13:
Dig it a lot and pretty much captures what I had in mind :D

As we were all all still on the fence to go forward or not, Bev already went ahead & started sculpting a character.

Character by Bev 03/12/13:


April. It's crunch for me & my co-workers. We've all pretty much gave up at this point. Bev still continues on the character. At least, something for her portfolio.

And now it's May. Crunch is over, sunshine is out, and I'm itching to model stuff! Joined forced with Bev and official entering this contest! GO TEAM LAST MINUTE!


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