New cube map pack and cubeMapCycler Maya Python script

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Hey guys,

I compiled a new Cube Map Pack similar to my previous pack and I've also recently written a Cube Map Cycler Python script for Maya. 512px at mip lvl 0, extra blur for each mip to be used for setting reflection roughness with real-time shaders such as my TGA PBL shader(which just got an update). Let me know what you think and if you find any bugs or suggestions for improvements in the script. Keep in mind the usage policy for the cube maps, check the bundled readme.txt.

Grab the pack here from my site.

Here's a video of the Cube Map Cycler script in action. Model by Ronja Melin.
[ame=" Maya Python script demo, Arson Girl - YouTube[/ame]
Grab the script here from my site.


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