Model all the things! So many ideas, so little time! :)

Just wanted to vent and express my frustration for a second :)

I was recently let go from my job on April 8th; it sucks, but I wouldnt have enjoyed the work the studio is now doing, and I know it was a better choice for all to keep the artist they did, but thats water under the bridge and time for bigger, better, and more my-talent-related things!

Now, to avoid financial crumbling I am aggressively pursueing jobs (cross your fingers for me!) and I have the time now to update my portfolio with my new improved and BETTER quality

Problem is, I have like 8-10 projects i want to work on, and most of them are involved characters that are going to take some time to do

Why cant I do all the things at once! Blaaah...first world problems right? Lol

I also have to keep in mind art tests coming my way too; I already have confirmation of one coming later this week, and im trying to finish my link project before i get it

Anyone have any ways they balance a larger creative pool? I realize in a portfolio update setting, its smarter and more efficient to do one at a time and update as I go. Doing multiple projects also chances more incomplete work. I also am fighting myself on what I "want" to do, rather than what I should do more responsibly for my portfolio and career...i'm trying to convince myself that since I am unemployed, this is the time to do the things I want and enjoy most. And its not that i wont enjoy certain projects, i just have a personal preference to what Id like to do first

At the same time, time is money, and my personality and professional attitude is intertwined to my passions, so I kind of wonder if I should be looking at this in more of a professional eye and analyzing priorities as if these were tasked in a job setting

I suppose this is more personal preference and "to each their own," but what method/mindset do you prefer? Professional business outlook? Or I love what I do, follow my desires

I see threads all the time of lack of inspiration (not knocking you kids, i know that feel bro), and i figured this might be more refreshing and an interesting topic?

Sigh...i talk way too much...wall of text over :)


  • Shiniku
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    Shiniku polycounter lvl 7
    Ah, I have the same problem sometimes. So many ideas I'm passionate about, so little time.

    While I think it's a good idea to show how complex and intricate you can make things, I think doing a quicker small project that you can get online as soon as possible to show your current skill level is a good idea. Also, think about marketability. Out of all of the ideas you have in your head, if they are all brought to the same level of completion, which one do you think will appeal to a larger audience, or even better the studios you'd like to work for?

    That's a mistake I've made far too often... working from weird concepts and doing projects that I like that may not necessarily be marketable.
  • Jeff Parrott
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    Jeff Parrott polycounter lvl 13
    Sucks about the job man. Sorry to hear.

    That said don't burn yourself out. Make a list and prioritize. Steadily chip away at the list one at a time. Keeping a steady pace and being able to update piece by piece is better than waiting 5 months to update your whole portfolio.

    Stay positive and don't lose sight of goals.
  • Tenchi
    I definitely subscribe to the one project at a time way to work. The satisfaction you get from completing a model/project will provide the enthusiasm and drive for the next. Plus you post it online sooner for prospective employers to see, which is never a bad thing ^_^
  • D4V1DC
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    D4V1DC polycounter lvl 13
    Same here, I have loads of stuff on the brain but right now I have one project in mind that i am really hoping to get up and running but I have to learn everything except coding atm involved with making a game/demo, which with this demo I am hoping to present to a very big name company which will probably just get turned down but I am hoping for the best, I doubt I'll be able to make an impact doing this all alone, anyway.

    What I usually do is just model/sculpt whatever I want, have It near completion and when I get that feeling again I'll return to It and it is ready to go. Also with my designs I usually haven't learned a particular process so I have to set it aside till I figure It out.
    Doing things on your own really sucks and really just hinders production at least for me.

    I returned to a piece 1 month or 2 back and I haven't touched It in like 3 years that's a bad time frame but you get the idea, your desire comes back or you just want to get something done and you find a piece you think will be fun and you have one 50% done waiting for you to put that polish on.
  • Wendy de Boer
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    Wendy de Boer polycounter lvl 13
    You have to keep yourself focused. Just pick a project and stick with it. Try to keep the other ones out of your mind as much as possible. Even when you're bored to tears with your chosen project, you have to keep pushing. Every project will get boring at some point, but you have to force yourself through it; that's how projects get done.

    Ofcourse, it's so tempting to start planning the next project... maybe do a little blockout... But it's a trap! At that point, it's highly likely you'll move on with that next project instead, letting the other one gather dust. You tell yourself you will finish the first one too... someday. But it never seems to work out that way!

    It's better to finish one project than to have lots of unfinished ones!
  • Snacuum
    I agree with the others: Stick with 1 at a time and go for the finish, one fished piece of work feels a lot better than 10 unfinished ones.

    Or count yourself lucky that you're not all shrivelled-up creatively.
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