Sketchbook: [SF]Three9

Just creating this thread now, going to be updating this a LOT over the next couple weeks
I would LOVE critique and feedback

I have several projects coming; going to be switching on and off to keep myself fresh and balancing ideas


  • [SF]Three9
    one of the projects I'm starting on is an alien soldier, concepted by artist Robert Sevilla, you can see some progress here:
    When I update it more, I'll post it here

    My current project is a redesign of Link in his 20's, carrying on in the world fighting evil and being a typical hero
    It's a bit loose, but you can see the sort of idea I'm going for...I've gathered a lot of concept today and based this design off the various concepts I've found; this is sort of my mood sheet for it, as well as Assassins Creed of course

    You can also see my Master Sword design in that drawing too

    Also sketched out some quick ideas for the Razer Sword (going to end up being more of a dagger), and the Hylian Shield
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