Cling! A First5 Games iOS title :D


Hey guys,

So I didn't personally work on this, but I work with someone who did all the art for it, the talented Allan Alegado, and wanted to do him and his studio a favor and show it off at Polycount :D. It's currently only available on iOS (Android version is coming soon), but it's a really, really fun challenging game with lots of gameplay. Currently on sale for $0.99

It's also currently winning in a vote to be Corona's App of the month! If you could please help their studio out and vote for it, it could really do them a lot of good and possibly do a lot for their studio :). If you think it's worth it or like the style, gogogogo


Cling! is an exciting and action-packed first-of-its-kind "pegformer", sure to enhance all the senses... well, except for taste and smell. Unless you enjoy licking your iDevice after dipping it in perfume... but hey, we're not here to judge.

The story of Cling! takes place inside of a child's vending machine and stars Edgar, a tiny sticky octopus toy who has just received the rare honor of having an owner! Unfortunately, his capsule breaks on the way out, and is now trapped! In order to escape, Edgar must avoid certain death at the hands of popular video game hazards such as spikes, falls, and the always dreaded electricity!

The pegformer genre is a new take on platforming that uses a unique wall-crawling style of movement. Edgar travels through the machine by clinging to floating pegs, where the player's finger acts as a focal point for Edgar to travel. So when the player lets go, Edgar does too!"

You can check out the trailer here

This is Edgar, the adorable sticky octopus toy you play as :D. I think Allan had a lot of fun designing this little dude.



He's made a ton of cool art for it and the game has so much character to it. I'm trying to bug him to give me more art to post, as well as maybe some development concepts, so I'll see what I can get out of him and post it as soon as possible.

You should totally check it out!


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