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Caldria polycounter lvl 7
Hey there, so I've had this idea for quite a while, and concepted it a while back.
The character is supposed to be the grand blacksmith for a race of polar bear warriors - a position that is held with almost as much honour as the king or royal advisor or whatever.

He's rather ancient, and adds ice/magic to his metal to make his arms and armour. Inspiration was taken from dwarves like those from the warhammer universe and the makers from darksiders and of course the kodan from guild wars.

I'm going to be aiming for a similar style to that of the Darksiders games' characters.

Here're the concepts, which are going to be serving more as a guideline now than a set in stone thing. (leaning more towards the rough second one in terms of proportions/shapes)


and then some very early WIP.


anyway, hopefully I can make this a decent success :)


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