Greenlight: MechKnight Chronicles

We're up on Greenlight now!

Please stop by our page and vote Yes for us. We would love to bring 4 player co-op to Steam.


back from PAX

dead... tired...

response to our pre-alpha build was SUPER positive!

we got a 9/10 for our pre-alpha build

"This pre-alpha build of the game plays and feels more put together than most “AAA” releases out there."

video interview with me
[ame=" Chronicles Interview with Jesse Sosa - PAX East 2013 - YouTube[/ame]

another indie write up that ended up just talking about MechKnight.

our PAX trailer
[ame=" Chronicles - Gameplay Trailer PAX East 2013 - YouTube[/ame]

There will be more media posted as the week goes on.

A SUPER big thank you for the guys that stepped up at the last minute and helped me push the environments through:
Jeff Parrott
Stephen Forsyth

Also thank you to polycount for believing in us early on.

You guys came through in a big way! This is why I love this community.

Please, follow us on facebook!

Now that i'm not in deathmarch mode, I'll hopefully be updating our devdiary and do some more character art dumps.


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