Hoodie and body scuplt.

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Croftyness polycounter lvl 6
Working on this for a group game thing. His veins are meant to be like that before you ask :D
Still got loads of things to add, but it's getting there.


  • Croftyness
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    Croftyness polycounter lvl 6
  • SCarr
    The butt anatomy looks a bit off. Those pants feel like sweatpants.


    Although his veins are supposed to be like that, without context it feels a bit off. Is he supposed to be intense? If so, he has very soft boyish features. Are they radiating with supernatural powers? It might be good to consider conveying their message more in the visible qualities of his veins. Also, do they pop out of his legs as well?

    Might consider making his zipper a different color as well, it took me a minute to realize that wasn't a strange seam running down the front of his hoodie.

    Keep up the good work :)
  • Croftyness
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    Croftyness polycounter lvl 6
    Thanks, the rear does look strange as it is now. He's meant to be a younger man "infected" with magical powers. I wanted to make the veins blue but then it would just look like normal blood :P
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