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Nemecys polycounter lvl 9
Hey Guys,
Just having my first go at going through and making an entire character Clothes and all for the first time,
Still unsure on some of the methods I might use, and where i might be going but here is some Anatomical progress


Any and ALL C&C welcome

Im up for hearing every and any method in creating clothes and controlling the model, e.g subtools, separate Ztools etc.


  • Brian "Panda" Choi
  • SCarr
    His skull/neck area looks a bit thick from the side. It's a great start, like JadeEyePanda said, it would be good to have an idea of what you're going for. Whether you will need gloves, or fix up the hand anatomy a bit, same with the feet and stomach regions.
  • Nemecys
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    Nemecys polycounter lvl 9

    Originally i was looking into characters like "The Samaritan"
    But the complexity of his costume seemed a bit too much for a first attempt

    So I found some other more generic characters anstead

    Thick from the side, I can see what you mean, As if hes got a fat head overflowing onto his neck, I did have some issues with those hands, When i created the pose I highly regret it now, its causing alot of issues to straighten out,

    As for the feet he will be wearing boots so I shouldn;t need too much more focus there, and your right about the stomach too, I had some trouble creating the form and ending up just smoothing it for now

    Thanks for the C&C guys :)

    Not a fan of double posts if i can help it,
    Just a small update trying clothes,

    I used the extract feature in ZBrush, took a while to beat the muscle out of it, and then a bit of though to how the clothing may fall on teh character,

    Im struggling due to his large build to get clothes to look normal and not OVERLY tight or Baggy, So any advice on how to best combat that would be appreciated


    This truly is early stages, but im using a combination of HPol, Pinch and Dam_Standard to get this far, and it feels and looks wrong, Im guessing the answere here is

    More time?

    Also, using things like the Stitch brush or Insert Multi Mesh, would you recommend I use these features or try and do it the old fashioned hard way?
  • Nemecys
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    Nemecys polycounter lvl 9
    Bit more of an update,
    Seem to be getting and okay start on generic folds and wrinkles from the front,

    But, from behind, I'm struggling to get the correct feel for the clothes, because of the pose, I'm not sure how they would lie,

    I'm assuming pinned from shoulder to shoulder, leaving the rest of it quite baggy and floaty, it just seems much harder to get that same feel or effect,

    Im using Ryan Kittlesons Crease brush here, but i have been trying to use the Gravity options on standard to try and get that fold look,

    I think my issues arrise from the fact I have no idea what piece of clothing I'm making its like half Tshirt half hoodie, perhaps i should focus on a design before moving forward with anything too strongly

    I would really appreciate any ideas and concepts you guys may have to share, as currently 2D/Concepting really isn't my strong point


    Added a hood, created via the Extract feature again, then just pushed around like crazy and used QRemesher to make it sculptable, Would of used Dynamesh but its making horrible errors and holes,

  • MercurialForge
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    MercurialForge polycounter lvl 4
    The muscle anatomy isn't bad, but his arms are waaaay too short. I would work on the positioning of the ribcage/torso and the overall shape and size of the cranium.

    This is defiantly an ambitious project. I would focus on getting solid proportions before blazing into the clothing.
  • Nemecys
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    Nemecys polycounter lvl 9

    Firstly thanks for the feedback,
    Also better?

    I added some length to the arms and I can ALREADY see the drastic improvement, Thanks ALOT :)

    And I found that the entire ribcage area just felt off and wrong as well, anything in particular or just the whole thing?

    Where abouts in the cranium? I can't seem to pinpoint my issues,

    Its definitely one of the harder projects I've done, but I have spent far too much time sculpting naked models and leaving them there and I totally agree with the underlying proportions, I felt as though the majority was accurate enough to create fairly baggy clothing


    Perhaps this shot may help with some issues, It was more to show to someone else then to you guys, but Who knows...
    Warning VERY WIDE ~4000
  • Nemecys
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    Nemecys polycounter lvl 9

    Just a small update, not to sure whether its realistic,
    I understand the symmetry is a bad way to go, but the technique is a combination of Standard, Hpol and Smoothing,

    Is this method effective? Or would anyone recommend a better method, this was only a 30/40 minute case study but the results seem fairly accurate.

    C&C welcome
  • Nemecys
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    Nemecys polycounter lvl 9

    Few hours extra progress, The folds now add to the actual silhouette but i need to move in and get some material reference to really get those key fold details on the cloth, for now it looks quite anime and generic with no real character...

    I came to this conclusion when i looked at this work by Chaosbladewip4.jpg

    it shows a great example of the sculpt and the focus detail of the cloth in his work,

    Any other C&C?
  • Nemecys
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    Nemecys polycounter lvl 9
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